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Friday, February 20, 2009

Who Are The Children With Namie?

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The offices of the NATTY TATTLER received a letter from Carolyn McCarty the other day. She pointed out that her grandmother, Emma Bell (Namie) Taylor’s picture (the picture that you see on the right) is probably mislabeled on the family album.

The picture was originally identified as that of Namie and her two children Orpha and Cedric. But rightly so, Carolyn points out that Namie is wearing her wedding dress.

Ike and Emma were married on the 5th of October 1898. Her nieces, Aurelia and Edith Miller were born on the 8th of August 1891 and the 31st of January 1894 respectively. And, the girls look to be seven and four year old children.

So, it could be that the youngsters are John and Dora Miller’s children, or maybe not. If you have a suggestion please click the Post A Comment line below to help solve the mystery.