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Friday, December 14, 2007

Obituary - Ruth Greve

I had the pleasure of working in the same office with Ruth for two years at Perry Equipment Co. in Mineral Wells, Texas. We were distant relatives but only in genealogical lineage. You see, My father, Bob Erwin, and Ruth shared the same aunt and uncle, Horace and Grace Erwin Morrow. The family ties were obvious to both of us having the same interest in family members, our great heritage, and belief in God. Two offices down the hall from me, she was more than a close coworker and friend, she was family to me and she treated me that way.

Ruth was the happiest person I ever worked with. She would smile each day and give everyone encouragement, even on her worst days. And, Ruth had her share of bad days with health problems. She suffered from migraine headaches along with the symptoms of high blood pressure. Yet, she would manage a smile and suffer her pain in silence. Ruth was a great friend, a wonderful person, and a christian lady... and I will remember her always.
Randall Erwin
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